ICBA seminar

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ICBA seminar - 05/24/05 03:28 PM

Has any one been to the two week seminar in Mn. put on by the ICBA? If new to auditing, will I understand? It states "regardless of previous experience & traning". ANY details at all would help. Thanks.
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Re: ICBA seminar - 05/24/05 04:28 PM

There have been other threads discussing this topic...do a search and you'll find lots of information.

Yes, I've been. It's a really good school. If you have either a basic knowledge of banking or accounting you will be fine.
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Re: ICBA seminar - 05/24/05 04:31 PM

Here's one discussion...

Here's another...
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Re: ICBA seminar - 05/24/05 04:36 PM

I have been to both the audit and compliance, you can't go wrong. If you are new to auditing, the first week will be great for you to get your feet wet.
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Re: ICBA seminar - 05/24/05 08:07 PM

I attended the audit week one in MN last Sept. It was a long week but well worth it. I was not new to banking but brand new to internal audit. I spoke with numerous people there and we were glad we had only signed up for one week at a time, instead of the two weeks together. I'm returning this Sept. for the second week of audit. Another plus is the hotel has a shuttle that will take you to the Mall of America at no charge!
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Re: ICBA seminar - 05/24/05 08:43 PM

I just returned from taking the training in Kansas City. I did the two weeks all at once. It was brutal but it's all done and I'm certified (or certifiable ) I have banking experience but no audit experience. There were people in KC who had no banking and no audit. It's a lot of information, the instructors are good, and they help you with reviews so the tests are passable. The whole time we were there we debated if it was better to do the two weeks all at once or split it up. I think it would depend on many things: how much you like to fly, if you have children, how much of a hurry you are in to be "fully trained" etc. I'm glad I did it all at once, but it was very hard. I will tell you that the people that were in Minneapolis last Sept said the hotel in Kansas City was much nicer. Hope that helps! The training is absolutely worth it.
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Re: ICBA seminar - 05/26/05 01:39 PM

I read the links listed above. It seems everyone has different opinions about taking the two weeks together; which is what senior management wants me to do. That does sound like a long time to be 5 states away from your family & friends. Most people that go for the two weeks, do you come home for the weekend or just stay? I read where the class ends on Friday @ noon and starts back on Sun around 2. Wouldn't leave much time to go home... So there are tests that you must take? What if you don't pass? I'm sure my management isn't going to like that, spending all this $$$$$ for me to go and a chance of me not passing the exams. So you do have to study? Do you work in groups or is this an individual basis? I've heard some of the folks here that have went to banking schools talk about working in groups. Just trying to find out all the info I can before deciding. Thanks to all the posters for your help!
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Re: ICBA seminar - 05/26/05 02:22 PM

I went three years ago to Kansas City. I did the 2 week stint and was not able to go home during the weekend. It was long and intense, but I'm am glad I did it all at once. When I got done I was certified and what a sense of accomplishment! During the weekend there were others that stayed also (probably only about half a dozen) and we got together for meals, shopping, etc. As far a studying goes, I did most of it on my own, but did get together with others a couple of times and we quizzed each other some. The instructors gave good study sessions at the end of each segment and if you pay attention and do some studying on your own you won't have a problem. I think there were 6 separate tests of 50 multiple choice questions and you are required to get a 70%. One nice thing is you get your results right away. My scores ranged from 90% to 100% and I had no auditing experience and very little banking experience - my background was legal. By the way, I wasn't the only one there with no or little banking experience. However, I DID study. I've heard both sides also as to which method (1 week or 2 at a time) is better. However, since I was able to be away from work and home for that long, it was the right choice for me and I was glad I did it. The instructors were great and seemed to make it interesting for both the experienced and inexperienced. I refer back to the manuals quite a bit. By the way, some people took the courses but did not take the tests. Of course, they got the experience but were not certified. Even though it was nerve wracking, I'm glad I took them and got certified.
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Re: ICBA seminar - 05/26/05 05:48 PM

Don't worry about the testing process. The instructors are great and if you pay attention during class and during the review sessions and spend a little bit of time doing your own review, there shouldn't be a problem passing. At least at the compliance school, they did give you the chance to re-take the test, obviously they don't want anyone failing either.

There are group projects to work on and I thought they were kind of fun, those that had experience shared their information and you were able to get some different view points. Also, you will find out that the people/contacts you meet will be there for you down the road.

Remember to have fun and don't stress too much about the tests!
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Re: ICBA seminar - 05/27/05 01:52 PM

Another question: How many people are in the class?
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Re: ICBA seminar - 05/27/05 02:43 PM

I took it 4 years ago, but we had 43 in week 1 and 24 in week 2 (but week 2 started right after the 9/11 attacks so I am sure there were a lot of cancellations).
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Re: ICBA seminar - 05/27/05 03:59 PM

I attended in Sept. 2004 and there were approx. 80 people and the instructers mentioned this was one of the largest classes. I'm returning this Sept. for the second week of Audit and am glad I split it up. I have kiddos still at home and it was nice to go home after a week. During the week after completing a section, you will have a test before going on to the next section, so it's still fresh on your mind. Just study some and you'll make it! I spoke with someone who had attended the one in Kansas City and she said the Minneapolis one had better food.
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Re: ICBA seminar - 05/27/05 04:21 PM

So, in general...does it seem like a good idea to attend?
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Re: ICBA seminar - 05/27/05 05:17 PM

Tell the other guy not to worry about the food. Youre there to learn, as your employer should be paying for it. Study, work and you'll learn. If you just worry about the food, you don't have to go all the way there to get a free meal. Study and you won't be a dope when you come home and return to the job. I know a guy who did nothing but eat and he is just as dumb as before.
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Re: ICBA seminar - 05/27/05 06:04 PM

Definately a good idea to attend.
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Re: ICBA seminar - 05/27/05 07:06 PM

I attended Minneapolis in 2004 and KC in 2005. I have a baby at home and thought two weeks away would be hard but after week 1 was over I wish I had made plans to stay for the 2nd week. MN is a lot closer to home (Alaska) than KC. The class was very informative and the tests were relatively easy to pass and the cost of the certification is low compared to many others out there.

I would highly recommend attending and taking the certification. Well worth the money.
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Re: ICBA seminar - 06/07/05 09:00 PM

Any others have opinions out there concerning this seminar?
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Re: ICBA seminar - 06/20/05 04:04 PM

Is anyone planning to attend this year?
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Re: ICBA seminar - 06/20/05 04:32 PM

I am attending the Week 2 session in Minneapolis in Sept.
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Re: ICBA seminar - 06/20/05 05:20 PM

Do you mind if I ask why you didn't attend both weeks at the same time? This is a decision I'm trying to make.
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Re: ICBA seminar - 06/20/05 05:58 PM

I split the two weeks last year - one week in Kansas City and one week in Minneapolis. I know I could have handled the courseload if I took both weeks back-to-back. My decision was personal. I just didn't want to be away from home for two weeks in a row. Also, my desk was loaded with work when I got back to the bank. I think two weeks away from the office must be brutal ot return to!
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Re: ICBA seminar - 06/20/05 06:37 PM

Wouldn't it be hard to remember things from one year to the next?
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Re: ICBA seminar - 06/22/05 04:46 PM

No. You receive two books for each week. They cover completely different subjects each week. The Week Two Schedule will cover Auditing Assets, Regulatory Accounting and Operational Auditing, and Bank Information Systems Auditing. Even though it was just one week, you're sitting there all day long with 3 different tests during the week. Personally, I enjoyed going home and am ready to take the second week this year.
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Re: ICBA seminar - 07/28/05 04:16 PM

Any more comments concerning the ICBA seminar?
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Re: ICBA seminar - 07/28/05 04:35 PM

hey, can you go to just the second week? i've been auditing for the past 6 months and i don't think the first week is worht the cost for what i will get from it, but the second week sounds liek just what i need. anyone know?
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Re: ICBA seminar - 07/29/05 02:57 PM

Don't underestimate the value of the 1st week.

I think you can attend the 2nd week, call them and find out.
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Re: ICBA seminar - 08/04/05 07:38 PM

I'm signed up for the 1st week. I decided not to attend both.. too long & too far away from home.