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Security Information Center - 08/04/05 06:41 PM

We have a procedure in on of our audits that deals with:

Missing, Lost, Stolen, Counterfeit Securities Report

It starts off by having to determine whether the bank is registered with the Security Info Center (SIC) and continues to ask if the bank is making inquiries of the SIC with respect to every security certificate which comes into it's possession. There are some exceptions as to when inquiries do not have to be made (I won't list, trying to keep post to minimum, but there are 5 of them).

Anyhow, does anyone know of the laws/regs that deal with the SIC? Just looking to do a little more research. Thanks!
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Re: Security Information Center - 08/04/05 09:06 PM

Go HERE and read all about it.

It's amazing what a quick search on google will come up with sometimes........
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Re: Security Information Center - 08/05/05 01:19 PM

Nice! Thanks, I think my brain has an anti-google feature!