Statistical sampling

Posted By: Neytiri

Statistical sampling - 08/29/02 02:32 PM

What percentage of a population do you try to use when sampling for an audit? I know it will vary somewhat but I feel like what we use is low but cannot find any useful information on industry standrds.
Posted By: Andy_Z

Re: Statistical sampling - 08/29/02 07:12 PM

The OCC put out a Comptroller's Handbook, Aug. 1998 on Sampling Methodologies.

Right click here to save it, left click to read the PDF online.
Posted By: Michelle D

Re: Statistical sampling - 08/29/02 08:12 PM

Thanks Andy
Posted By: Neytiri

Re: Statistical sampling - 08/30/02 11:19 PM

As soon as I posted this I thought of the OCCs Handbook. DUH! But I had just had a discussion with an OCC examiner about documenting statistical sampling, how we choose our samples, etc. and my mind wasn't functioning properly!! (And our examiners have left a week early!)