CIA Anyone?

Posted By: A_G

CIA Anyone? - 05/16/06 01:31 PM

Anybody sitting for the CIA exam this week? I am taking Part III (my final part! ) on Thursday. I'm trying to cram in that last minute studying but I feel sorta confident.
Posted By: Marathon Runner/Cyclist

Re: CIA Anyone? - 05/16/06 03:39 PM

All the best.
Posted By: Joe

Re: CIA Anyone? - 05/23/06 06:53 AM

Don't feel so confident. Part III is a tricky part. Answering the CD question is the key. Good luck
Posted By: I. Wannano

Re: CIA Anyone? - 05/23/06 04:50 PM

I sat for all four parts last week. Not an easy exam. Part 3 was the worst
Posted By: BeanCounter

Re: CIA Anyone? - 06/21/06 02:40 PM

For those of you that have taken the test did you take all 4 parts at once or did you break it out? I'm going to sit in November and was thinking of doing parts 1 & 2 in November and then 3 & 4 in May.