Anyone use KnowledgeLeader?

Posted By: Rubaiyat

Anyone use KnowledgeLeader? - 02/05/07 08:14 PM

I've been using a free 30-day trial to the KnowledgeLeader website . I'm in the process of creating a new audit program from scratch and I have found a lot of useful information on the website.

But, I'm wondering if anyone has been using a subscription to the website and whether it is worth the $595 per year to continue using it.

I can't tell if I like the site because it is helping me create the program, or whether it really has good information I will use on an ongoing basis.
Posted By: blue

Re: Anyone use KnowledgeLeader? - 02/05/07 09:05 PM

is this the protiviti product?
Posted By: Rubaiyat

Re: Anyone use KnowledgeLeader? - 02/06/07 03:44 PM

Yes it is.
Posted By: blue

Re: Anyone use KnowledgeLeader? - 02/06/07 04:35 PM

I don't use this website but would be interested in the same feedback. My experience with Protiviti has been that they are very obliging. If you ask, I suspect they will grant you another 30 day trial.
Posted By: hawksfan

Re: Anyone use KnowledgeLeader? - 02/08/07 04:15 PM

Yes I use it but our SOX person uses it even more. We are publicly traded. I use Thomson' RIA Checkpoint for many of my bank audits. I find it user friendly.
Posted By: Risk Officer

Re: Anyone use KnowledgeLeader? - 02/13/07 02:48 PM

I've used it for a couple of years and have found it very helpful for ERM, SOX, internal audit and audit committee admin, etc. I've actually used it very little for audit program development and more for thought leadership and methodologies. Given the choice of spending $600 on a Sheshunoff manual and the same on the KnowledgeLeader...well, there is no comparison.
Posted By: biz

Re: Anyone use KnowledgeLeader? - 03/02/07 04:19 PM

Does this give Bank specific auditing/compliance procedures/guidance?
Posted By: retro76

Re: Anyone use KnowledgeLeader? - 07/21/07 05:26 AM

Knowledgeleader is terrific! But I think its still a bit pricey.
Posted By: StealthAudit

Re: Anyone use KnowledgeLeader? - 08/31/07 03:16 PM

Agree - its pretty good, but kind of pricey. And I used to work for Protiviti.