Advertising Audit??

Posted By: StealthAudit

Advertising Audit?? - 08/31/07 03:09 PM

Anybody have a good Audit Program they would be willing to share for this subject. I have tried searching and on the BOL tool page, but nothing good has come up.
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Re: Advertising Audit?? - 09/14/07 05:00 PM

I can't believe this sat unanswered. I don't have an audit workpaper for just this topic. I audited by reg and preferred the (economical) workpapers my regulator used. That means I went to TISA, Reg Z, FDIC requirements and NDIP guidance when I wanted to cover this. I could do advertising with those sections extracted, or I could incorporate them with an audit on Reg Z, Reg DD, etc.

You might want to cut and paste the applicable sections if you want just auditing.
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Re: Advertising Audit?? - 09/18/07 02:06 PM

Shesunoff has a very good and easy to follow advertising compliance audit. You can find it on their site.

If you want to PM me, I compiled my own from a couple of different sources that can get you started as well.
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Re: Advertising Audit?? - 10/11/07 09:04 PM

Hi, I'm new on this type of audit (advertising), I'm also looking for information to construct a some type of format for the internal audit. Do you mind sharing the info you have put together? Thanks!:)
Posted By: trainer53

Re: Advertising Audit?? - 10/16/07 02:30 AM

I go straight to FDIC exam worksheets and audit in same manner as regulators
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Re: Advertising Audit?? - 10/16/07 02:46 PM

I do my auditing the same as trainer53. I use the FDIC Exam worksheets. They are already familiar with the content of the audit workpapers.
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Re: Advertising Audit?? - 10/17/07 07:31 PM

Ok I googled FDIC exam worksheets, but don't think I am gettign the right stuff. Care to offer a link?
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Re: Advertising Audit?? - 10/17/07 08:20 PM