Trust Audit

Posted By: ComplianceisOK

Trust Audit - 09/20/07 10:14 PM

Does anyone have Trust Audit workpapers they would be willing to share? or name of company that would provide them?? I would greatly appreciate any help.
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Re: Trust Audit - 09/20/07 10:16 PM

I just ordered a Manual from ICBA (Independent Community Bankers of America) that is titled Auditing the Bank's Trust Department.

I have just started reading it.
Posted By: Hoosierland

Re: Trust Audit - 09/21/07 01:21 PM

You might check with your external audit firm. Mine was happy to give me copies of their Trust Audit workpapers.
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Re: Trust Audit - 09/26/07 09:12 PM

I've used the trust audit program from Alex Information. It works well.
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Re: Trust Audit - 09/27/07 03:54 PM

PM me with your email.
We also use external for one of our Trust Audits during the year, but they'd rather come in than share.