ERM Reports

Posted By: davidm

ERM Reports - 02/06/17 09:28 PM

My institution ($1.3B) has began the process of creating an ERM Committee. I've been asked to see what other institutions are taking to their ERM committee in the way of reports. The Board and executive management sees many reports that go to the quarterly board meeting, and those executives will attend the ERM Committee. Does not make sense to take the same reports to the ERM committee. If you could share what type of reports or information your committee is seeing, that may help my institution in knowing how to move forward. Appreciate your thoughts and insights.
Posted By: osucpa

Re: ERM Reports - 02/08/17 08:10 PM

Here is what I would say. Does your ERM Committee have a charter? If they do not have a charter, they need to develop one. The charter would identify their mission and their various tasks. This would help identify what should be presented at each meeting.