ACH - Third-Party Sender

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ACH - Third-Party Sender - 09/01/18 12:55 PM

I need help determining if we have a Third-Party sender. We have 3 Originators, all of whom have accounts with us, and we have appropriate agreements in place with each of them. One of them has a CPA firm keep books for them. The CPA firm actually sends their ACH file to us, but it is run through our customer, the Originator's account.

Is the CPA firm a Third Party Sender that we need to have an agreement with? I think yes, but then we have a relationship with the Originator, so I'm just not sure.

Thanks in advance.
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Re: ACH - Third-Party Sender - 09/04/18 01:22 PM

I think you want to refer to "Verification of Third-Party Senders and Originators, OG 25
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