Business ATM Dispute and Zero Liability

Posted By: Banker_MN

Business ATM Dispute and Zero Liability - 01/10/20 11:58 PM

Hello - looking for a little guidance on an ATM dispute. Business client notified the bank on 1/7/20 that a handful of international ATM withdrawals going back to 8/15/19 were unauthorized. Cardholder is denying making the withdrawals and the business owner is wanting to dispute the transactions. Are there specific guidelines with Visa Zero Liability that would allow us to deny the disputes based on negligence being that the client did not review their statements for 5 months? There are a few withdrawals that happened in October that we are struggling with how to proceed.

Thank you!
Posted By: rlcarey

Re: Business ATM Dispute and Zero Liability - 01/11/20 01:20 PM

What does your Business Debit Card Agreement say, it should be spelled out there if you have limited the notification window to 60 days from the delivery of the first statement.