POA Debit Card - Allowable?

Posted By: AnnieWood

POA Debit Card - Allowable? - 06/15/21 05:13 PM

Is it permissible to allow a POA to have access to a debit card provided the documentation states the POA is to have full access to the account and transactions?
Posted By: John Burnett

Re: POA Debit Card - Allowable? - 06/15/21 05:27 PM

Yes. But the attorney-in-fact would still be restricted under the power of attorney to transactions made on behalf of the account owner and grantor of the power of attorney. If the AIF requests a card, a bank might consider contacting the principal (the account owner) to inform them the AIF has made the request.

A banker might also be tempted to review activity in the account looking for signs the AIF may be trying to use the account as if it were their own, joint with the principal. Signs might include deposits of checks payable to the AIF as an individual or direct deposits naming them. That should prompt an alert to the actual account owner, informing them that you can't allow the AIF to conduct their own personal business through the account as long as it's not jointly owned.
Posted By: John Burnett

Re: POA Debit Card - Allowable? - 06/15/21 05:52 PM

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Re: POA Debit Card - Allowable? - 06/15/21 08:40 PM

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