RESPA-within 3 days?

Posted By: Combustible

RESPA-within 3 days? - 11/27/13 07:09 PM

This is by far the stupidest question I've ever asked, but sometimes these files make me wonder about my interpretations-GFE and other early docs must be dated within 3 days, correct? For instance, LO writes 4/9/2013 on application, but the earlies are all dated 4/15/2013-my calendar says they were not printed until the 4th day after accepting the application, am I mistaken?
Posted By: JWills, CRCM

Re: RESPA-within 3 days? - 11/27/13 07:10 PM

Yes you are correct.
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Re: RESPA-within 3 days? - 11/27/13 07:35 PM

Ok, that's good, I was starting to doubt myself again.