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Posted By: Kari

Web LoanApplication - 05/25/10 02:18 PM

I have been reading and reading 12 CFR 226.5 over and over. We have a pdf of a residental mtg application on our website. It must be printed and brought to the bank, you cannot fill it out on line. We have a link to required disclosures, however, you can bypass the link to obtain a disclosure. Am I correct in reading 225.5 that this is not satisfactory? I am trying to prove in writing that this is not correct in that the link cannot be bypassed before getting the application. HELP, please!
Posted By: Mrs. Rizzo

Re: Web LoanApplication - 05/25/10 02:30 PM

Check 226.17
Posted By: Richard Insley

Re: Web LoanApplication - 06/05/10 12:04 PM

Section 226.5 does not apply to closed-end credit.