Application process

Posted By: QueenBB

Application process - 07/24/12 09:18 PM

In a real estate mortgage transaction started via internet(whether to a bank or mortgage company), must you list your products on the internet? Or can the borrower complete the app with property address, amount, etc and you contact them later with your products?
Posted By: AFaquir

Re: Application process - 07/25/12 12:59 PM

I think you are better off letting them select a product up front. Otherwise you run this risk of "steering" them into products which may not be to their benefit or what they wanted.

You could go the route you are thinking, just make it clear that it is not an application and that it is an inquiry. I'd leave off any spaces for property address... They can indicate what they are looking to do with the money... "Is this a purchase?" and how far they are in the process. "Do you have a property in mind?"

If you do go that route, also check to make sure it doesn't meet the definition of a "pre-approval" program under HMDA. It shouldn't but always check yourself before you wreck yourself.

Just my thoughts!