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Credit Card Statement - Credit Counseling Services - 12/15/17 05:11 PM

I am performing a review of Reg Z - Open End Credit and I have a question about the following section.

12 CFR 1026.7(b)(12)(i)(E) A toll-free telephone number where the consumer may obtain from the card issuer information about credit counseling services consistent with paragraph (b)(12)(iv) of this section;

(b)(12)(iv) Required information. To the extent available from the United States Trustee or a bankruptcy administrator, a card issuer must provide through the toll-free telephone number disclosed pursuant to paragraphs (b)(12)(i) or (b)(12)(ii) of this section the name, street address, telephone number, and Web site address for at least three organizations that have been approved by the United States Trustee or a bankruptcy administrator pursuant to 11 U.S.C. 111(a)(1) to provide credit counseling services in, at the card issuer's option, either the state in which the billing address for the account is located or the state specified by the consumer.

I read through the commentary and it says that card issuers may use toll-free telephone numbers that connect consumers to automated systems, such as an interactive voice response system, through which consumers may obtain the information required by §1026.7(b)(12)(iv) by inputting information using a touch-tone telephone or similar device or a card issuer may provide a toll-free telephone number that is designed to handle customer service calls generally, so long as the option to receive the information required by §1026.7(b)(12)(iv) is prominently disclosed to the consumer.

What method does your institution use? Is there a vendor that can be used to make sure the credit counseling information provided is accurate and updated annually for consistency with the information available from the U.S. Trustee or a bankruptcy administrator?
Posted By: Nanda

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I've seen that my post has be read by a lot of people, but no one has responded. Some insight would be very helpful as I am trying to resolve an issue at my FI. Thanks.