Reg B

Posted By: beegee

Reg B - 03/04/04 10:24 PM

How are other banks handling the joint credit issue on the commercial side of the bank? We have a commercial credit application but it is hit and miss if its used.
Posted By: Deena

Re: Reg B - 03/05/04 02:11 PM

There have been many discussions on this topic in the past few months. Try doing a search of the threads (both this forum and the General Forum) and you should find some good information.
Posted By: Great River

Re: Reg B - 03/05/04 02:44 PM

I am asking my banks to formulate a short form that identifies the loan request. It will have language showing the intent to apply for joint credit above each signature line. They will need to have this signed for every loan that has joint borrowers on it. We have a mix of commercial and ag loans. We use lines of credit where appropriate and will not require a statement of intent for each advance, just one for the line. If anyone sees a flaw in this logic, please say so.