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Counter-offer - 10/17/18 03:08 PM

If we do a counter offer on the loan amount for a mortgage loan based on the information that we have to underwrite the loan (stated income and credit report), can we also state on the counter notice that it's still subject to other conditions/requirements (verified income, title, value, etc.)? What is the appropriate way to state it without specifically listing every condition?

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Posted By: David Dickinson

Re: Counter-offer - 10/19/18 01:10 PM

Yes, you can provide a counteroffer and not be unconditionally locked into making the loan. I don't think you need to list every condition, just like you don't when someone first applies. Simply say "we can't do that, but could do this. Let us know by ____ (reasonable date) if you'd like to proceed."
Posted By: banker-12

Re: Counter-offer - 10/22/18 02:08 PM

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