COVID19 and skip payments

Posted By: newyork

COVID19 and skip payments - 04/09/20 01:01 PM

Good morning:

Due to the ongoing pandemic, one of our borrowers is asking for a three month skip payments on his primary residential loan that has escrow. His loan will not be collecting any escrow during those 3 months, due to financial hardship.

Is there any regulation against skipping escrow payments due to this situation?
Posted By: rlcarey

Re: COVID19 and skip payments - 04/09/20 01:10 PM

No - you could just do a short year analysis after the deferment period or wait to the regular annual analysis to have them make up the shortage. Unless you are servicing for an investor, then you would have to check their rules.
Posted By: newyork

Re: COVID19 and skip payments - 04/09/20 02:10 PM

thank you.