Credit Reports-Commercial Loan

Posted By: JMcGee

Credit Reports-Commercial Loan - 10/29/20 06:43 PM


I am unable to find anything on when does a credit report expire on commercial loans.

Does anyone know?
Posted By: Dan Persfull

Re: Credit Reports-Commercial Loan - 10/29/20 07:25 PM

The reuse of a credit report would be dependent on your loan policy and if your contract with your provider allows the reuse of the report for permissible purposes.
Posted By: David Dickinson

Re: Credit Reports-Commercial Loan - 11/03/20 02:05 AM

"When does a credit report expire?" There are LOTS of reasons that you should never re-use a credit report. Start with the contract you have with your provider - as Dan states. I'll bet they say it is a one time use. Don't you think they want you to pay for another? So even if you're policy says you can reuse a report, it's most likely a violation of the contract.