Part of e-signature missing

Posted By: Baxter

Part of e-signature missing - 11/23/21 08:03 PM

Borrower consented and e-signed the Initial Disclosure Package, however part of the borrower's signature is cut-off on the signature line. We do have the E-sign audit log which shows her full name and confirms the event. Can we move forward with the cut-off signature on the disclosures?
Posted By: rlcarey

Re: Part of e-signature missing - 11/24/21 08:04 AM

What documents in the initial disclosure package require a signature? Usually none that I know of. Delivery is all that is required. Signatures are a bank or investor requirement.
Posted By: Andy_Z

Re: Part of e-signature missing - 11/24/21 08:36 PM

Apart from Randy's observation, are you saying for example a JPG of a signature was pasted onto a form and was not centered correctly, or was a tablet and pen used and the signature was made outside the capture window?

I think the important part is that the affirmation boxes were marked you can attribute this to your applicant/borrower. The signature itself could be used to compare to what your customer uses and the more of there the better. But at the end of the day it isn't as though any signature that is shown as incomplete would be analyzed against what your customer uses since an e-signature is any electronic process that indicates acceptance of an agreement or record. What you have may be questioned and look bad if it's incomplete, but I think only a qualified attorney could tell you if what you have would/should suffice based on your procedures.