Lien on Water Rights

Posted By: Nicole

Lien on Water Rights - 05/13/22 04:54 PM

Hello, how would you secure a lien on water rights? Do you need to place a lien or would your title policy cover?

Thank you!
Posted By: Rocky P

Re: Lien on Water Rights - 05/13/22 05:28 PM

I believe it’s called riparian rights. It would be a state law issue, but I’ve seen deeds and title policies.
Posted By: Andy_Z

Re: Lien on Water Rights - 05/13/22 09:31 PM

Spookula! Since Top Gun when I first heard a question about the show Ozark I started watching it here and there. Season 2, Episode 9 - they discuss Riparian Rights as the Snell's lose control of the land they flooded for the casino.

I think it depends on what water rights you're discussing, though I think it still varies from state to state. If you ever track ongoing legal cases these can be a big deal as water gets diverted or a well taps into someone else's source, etc.