Regulation B - Section 202.7 (d) (2)

Posted By: Anonymous

Regulation B - Section 202.7 (d) (2) - 07/27/05 07:42 PM

Does anyone have a good practical example how 202.7 (d) (2) would apply in the real world to an unsecured credit application by one spouse only? What would you get the non-applicant spouse to sign (a mortgage or security agreement would apply only to a secured loan)--would it be a disclaimer of ownership interest in some specific untitled personal property? Specifically, I am dealing with a non- community property state. Thanks for any ideas you may be able to share.
Posted By: Dan Persfull

Re: Regulation B - Section 202.7 (d) (2) - 07/27/05 08:22 PM

That will depend on your state law. You should post this in the specific state forum below. If there is none, then post in Other States General and identify your state.