Flood - new townhouse construction

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Flood - new townhouse construction - 08/13/21 03:51 PM

I've read FEMA's NFIP manual and various threads, and just want to make sure I'm on the right track. Customer is building two separate structures - each building will have 4 townhouses all sharing load bearing walls. From what I'm reading... they need 4 separate policies for each structure (and you use the $250,000 for each of those 8 townhomes in each building since it's residential in terms of the max NFIP coverage). Correct?

In the NFIP Manual definitions - Single Building is defined as "a building that is separated from other buildings by intervening clear space or solid, vertical, load-bearing division walls.

In that same manual, in Section 3: How to Write, it discusses condos - I'm starting from 3-38...and this appears to fit in the Table 23 - Multi-Unit Residential Building which is 2 to 4 units per building (we have 4 townhouses in each building).

NOTE: They don't yet have a flood policy so we are just at the point of determining minimum limits. I don't know if they will have a condo association or anything so I don't know if they'll have an RCBAP - I think their agent has to advise them on the type of policy - I just have to determine the amount of coverage and number of policies we will require in order to close at this point.
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Re: Flood - new townhouse construction - 08/15/21 12:21 AM

A building with four townhouses typically are four separately titled and insured insured units. I suppose they could be part of a condo assoc. but I think that is pretty unusual. A 2-4 unit residential building are referring to apartments.