Address Discrepancy on Flood documents

Posted By: nicoler3

Address Discrepancy on Flood documents - 05/02/22 08:11 PM

We have a loan, and the property address on the FZD form is slightly different from the address listed on the insurance policy (one has an actual road name and the other is Route #). Our system matches the FZD form, Does this make a difference or could we be cited by an examiner as a mismatch in documentation?

2nd Question, If there is a property that is not in a flood zone at the time of origination but later we receive notice that the maps have changed and the property is now in a flood zone, should we be providing the "Notice of Special Flood Hazards and Availability of Flood Disaster Assistance" disclosure at the time of discovery or is sending the customer the SFHDF sufficient?
Posted By: rlcarey

Re: Address Discrepancy on Flood documents - 05/02/22 08:25 PM

1. It is either the same property or it is not. That is the question you have to answer.

2. Yes - you need to provide the disclosure. A SFHDF never has to be provided to a borrower.