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IRA Basics – Understanding the Essentials

Recorded on March 08, 2018

It's tax time! You know what that means. It's time for the taxpayer to see if they would like to add to their retirement "nest egg". The problem is, when they mention those three letters I-R-A, you panic and let them know "The ONE person who opens IRAs at our bank is on vacation - indefinitely". Or, "The bank down the street has MUCH better rates on their IRAs". It's time to buckle down and learn the nuts and bolts of IRAs to get you through this tax season and beyond.

In this two hour basic Webinar, we will attempt to give you the tools to get you through the tax season by emphasizing IRAs are not as bad as you think. You really can understand them. The topics covered will be:

-A brief overview of the most common terminology of the IRA "world"

-The basic forms required to open an IRA for a new customer vs. make a contribution for an existing customer (It is recommended you have a copy of your bank's IRA Application, Contribution form and Rollover Review/Certification form available to reference during the session).

-The IRA plan types including: Traditional IRA vs. Roth IRA - qualifications, contribution limits, earnings taxability, and new Traditional deductibility and Roth eligibility income phaseout limits.

-Conversion Roth and its proper IRS reporting

-Simplified Employee Pension Plan - SEP IRAs. Should we offer them?

There will be a separate handout provided with the materials you can use as a "quick reference" or "cheat sheet" to help you find things more quickly.