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OFAC adds four designations for election interference

September 10, 2020

OFAC has posted an SDN List Update adding four individuals for their involvement in foreign attempts to interfere in U.S. elections.

The following individuals have been added to OFAC's SDN List:

ANDREYEV, Anton Nikolaeyvich (Cyrillic: АНДРЕЕВ, Антон Николаевич), 9 3 Bloshevikov Prospect Apt 35, Saint Petersburg, Russia; DOB 03 Mar 1985; POB Saint Petersburg, Russia; nationality Russia; Email Address; Gender Male; Digital Currency Address - XBT 1Fz29BQp82pE3vXXcsZoMNQ3KSHfMzfMe3; alt. Digital Currency Address - XBT 1AeSq93WDNdLoEJ92sex7T8xQZoYYm8BtS; alt. Digital Currency Address - XBT 1AoxtfiBQ22DvbhqAN9Ctb8sULMRhrdwTr; alt. Digital Currency Address - XBT 18Qj1THHuETfYhuRDZycXJbWwDMGw73Poa; alt. Digital Currency Address - XBT 1MnbhWe5wr7Ut45ReyQsm96PwnM9jD7KaH; alt. Digital Currency Address - XBT 1DYFJ6CuBvrxyoQSuBzVsNcetY9tvdsrag; alt. Digital Currency Address - XBT 15Pt4NwZaUmMUwS2bQbyyncc7mzgWShtv8; alt. Digital Currency Address - XBT 1PhqQpaGCrqSxQ6QDXcv14QCd1U98Zp34E; alt. Digital Currency Address - XBT 13YBQr2Cp1YY3xqq2qngaPb7ca1o4ugeq6; alt. Digital Currency Address - XBT 1KgudqxMfYaGzqAA7MS4DcsqejtMteqhix; alt. Digital Currency Address - XBT 1FRyL9gmFGbzfYDAB4iY9836DJe3KSnjP9; alt. Digital Currency Address - XBT 1DbShx4r8i2XesthoDBf5EkYWz5dsKEusV; Digital Currency Address - ETH 0x8576acc5c05d6ce88f4e49bf65bdf0c62f91353c; Phone Number 79315403678; Digital Currency Address - LTC LWnbjLYUfqeokfbWM4FcU7uk2FP2DSxuWS; alt. Digital Currency Address - LTC LaYUy1DGfVSuSF5KbPhbLrm8kRotqiwUJn; Digital Currency Address - ZEC t1WSKwCDL1QYRRUrCCknEs5tDLhtGVYu9KM; Digital Currency Address - BSV 12sjrrhoFEsedNRhtgwvvRqjFTh8fZTDX9; Passport 4005504207 (Russia) (individual) [CYBER2] [ELECTION-EO13848].

ASLANOVA, Darya Dmitriyevna (Cyrillic: АСЛАНОВА, Дарья Дмитриевна) (a.k.a. TIMOSHENKOVA, Darya Dmitriyevna), Saint Petersburg, Russia; DOB 08 Sep 1985; POB Russia; nationality Russia; Gender Female; Passport 44N2592883 (Russia) (individual) [CYBER2] [ELECTION-EO13848].

DERKACH, Andrii Leonidovych (Cyrillic: ДЕРКАЧ, Андрій Леонідович) (a.k.a. DERKACH, Andriy; a.k.a. DERKACH, Andriy Leonidovych (Cyrillic: ДЕРКАЧ, Андрей Леонидович)), Mykhailo Hrushevsky APT 9A, B7-1, Kyiv 01021, Ukraine; DOB 19 Aug 1967; POB Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine; nationality Ukraine; citizen Ukraine; Gender Male; Passport FB513714 (Ukraine); alt. Passport ET855378 (Ukraine); National ID No. 2470211979 (Ukraine) (individual) [ELECTION-EO13848].

LIFSHITS, Artem Mikhaylovich (Cyrillic: ЛИФШИЦ, Артем Михайлович), Primorsky Prospect 159, Saint Petersburg 197374, Russia; DOB 26 Dec 1992; nationality Russia; Email Address; alt. Email Address; Gender Male; Digital Currency Address - XBT 12udabs2TkX7NXCSj6KpqXfakjE52ZPLhz; alt. Digital Currency Address - XBT 1DT3tenf14cxz9WFNxmYrXFbB6TFiVWA9U; Digital Currency Address - ETH 0x901bb9583b24d97e995513c6778dc6888ab6870e; alt. Digital Currency Address - ETH 0xa7e5d5a720f06526557c513402f2e6b5fa20b00; Phone Number 79110354982; Digital Currency Address - LTC Leo3j36nn1JcsUQruytQhFUdCdCH5YHMR3; Digital Currency Address - DASH Xs3vzQmNvAxRa3Xo8XzQqUb3BMgb9EogF4; Passport 719032284 (individual) [CYBER2] [ELECTION-EO13848].

First published on 09/10/2020

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