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OFAC adds two cyber-related SDNs

September 16, 2020

OFAC has posted an SDN List Update adding two Russians.

The following individuals have been added to OFAC's SDN List:

KARASAVIDI, Dmitrii (Cyrillic: КАРАСАВИДИ, Дмитрий) (a.k.a. KARASAVIDI, Dmitriy), Moscow, Russia; DOB 09 Jul 1985; Email Address; alt. Email Address; Gender Male; Digital Currency Address - XBT 1Q6saNmqKkyFB9mFR68Ck8F7Dp7dTopF2W; alt. Digital Currency Address - XBT 1DDA93oZPn7wte2eR1ABwcFoxUFxkKMwCf; Digital Currency Address - ETH 0xd882cfc20f52f2599d84b8e8d58c7fb62cfe344b; Digital Currency Address - XMR 5be5543ff73456ab9f2d207887e2af87322c651ea1a873c5b25b7ffae456c320; Digital Currency Address - LTC LNwgtMxcKUQ51dw7bQL1yPQjBVZh6QEqsd; Digital Currency Address - ZEC t1g7wowvQ8gn2v8jrU1biyJ26sieNqNsBJy; Digital Currency Address - DASH XnPFsRWTaSgiVauosEwQ6dEitGYXgwznz2; Digital Currency Address - BTG GPwg61XoHqQPNmAucFACuQ5H9sGCDv9TpS; Digital Currency Address - ETC 0xd882cfc20f52f2599d84b8e8d58c7fb62cfe344b; Passport 75 5276391 (Russia) expires 29 Jun 2027 (individual) [CYBER2].

POTEKHIN, Danil (Cyrillic: ПОТЕХИН, Данил) (a.k.a. "cronuswar"; a.k.a. "SERGEY, Kireev Valerievich"), Voronezh, Russia; DOB 14 Sep 1995; alt. DOB 14 Sep 1990; alt. DOB 08 Aug 1990; Email Address; Gender Male; Digital Currency Address - XBT 1Q9UAQbcDezmyouFrzt94t4dSMxgsUfW1X; alt. Digital Currency Address - XBT 1Kys8fqDen8NGFUJ6AFcXfFW5qquuTH4eh; Digital Currency Address - ETH 0x7F367cC41522cE07553e823bf3be79A889DEbe1B (individual) [CYBER2].

First published on 09/16/2020

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