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OFAC update

October 11, 2001

As of 10,12/01, OFAC has added the names of 39 terrorists to its list of SDGTs. Their assets must be blocked immediately. All of OFAC's SDN material has been revised accordingly, including delimited and fixed field files.

Here is OFAC's temporary posting, in addition to the permanent SDN Changes file, of the primary records for the new entries on OFAC's SDN list. This temporary posting does not have each "a.k.a." as a separate entry.

ABDULLAH, Abdullah Ahmed (a.k.a. ABU MARIAM; a.k.a. AL-MASRI, Abu Mohamed; a.k.a. SALEH), Afghanistan (DOB 1963; POB Egypt; citizen Egypt) (individual) [SDGT]

AGHA, Haji Abdul Manan (a.k.a. SAIYID, Abd Al-Man'am), Pakistan (individual) [SDGT]

AL-HAMATI SWEETS BAKERIES, Al-Mukallah, Hadhramawt Governorate, Yemen [SDGT]

AL-HAMATI, Muhammad (a.k.a. AL-AHDAL, Mohammad Hamdi Sadiq; a.k.a. AL-MAKKI, Abu Asim), Yemen (individual) [SDGT]

AL-HAQ, Amin (a.k.a. AH HAQ, Dr. Amin; a.k.a. AMIN, Muhammad; a.k.a. UL-HAQ, Dr. Amin) (DOB 1960; POB Nangahar Province, Afghanistan) (individual) [SDGT]

AL-JADAWI, Saqar (DOB 1965) (individual) [SDGT]

AL-KADR, Ahmad Sa'id (a.k.a. AL-KANADI, Abu Abd Al-Rahman) (DOB 01 Mar 1948; POB Cairo, Egypt) (individual) [SDGT]

AL-LIBY, Anas (a.k.a. AL-LIBI, Anas; a.k.a. AL-RAGHIE, Nazih; a.k.a. AL-RAGHIE, Nazih Abdul Hamed; a.k.a. AL-SABAI, Anas), Afghanistan (DOB 30 Mar 1964, Alt. DOB 14 May 1964; POB Tripoli, Libya; citizen Libya) (individual) [SDGT]

AL-MUGHASSIL, Ahmad Ibrahim (a.k.a. ABU OMRAN; a.k.a. AL-MUGHASSIL, Ahmed Ibrahim) (DOB 26 Jun 1967; POB Qatif-Bab al Shamal, Saudi Arabia; citizen Saudi Arabia) (individual) [SDGT]

AL-NASSER, Abdelkarim Hussein Mohamed (POB Al Ihsa, Saudi Arabia; citizen Saudi Arabia) (individual) [SDGT]


AL-QADI, Yasin (a.k.a. KADI, Shaykh Yassin Abdullah; a.k.a. KAHDI, Yasin), Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (individual) [SDGT]

AL-SHARIF, Sa'd (DOB 1969; POB Saudi Arabia) (individual) [SDGT]

AL-SHIFA' HONEY PRESS FOR INDUSTRY AND COMMERCE, Al-Nasr Street, Doha, Qatar; By the Shrine Next to the Gas Station, Jamal Street, Ta'iz, Yemen; Al-‘Arudh Square, Khur Maksar, Aden, Yemen; P.O. Box 8089, Al-Hasabah, Sanaa, Yemen [SDGT]

AL-YACOUB, Ibrahim Salih Mohammed (DOB 16 Oct 1966; POB Tarut, Saudi Arabia; citizen Saudi Arabia) (individual) [SDGT]

ALI, Ahmed Mohammed Hamed (a.k.a. ABDUREHMAN, Ahmed Mohammed; a.k.a. ABU FATIMA; a.k.a. ABU ISLAM; a.k.a. ABU KHADIIJAH; a.k.a. AHMED HAMED; a.k.a. Ahmed The Egyptian; a.k.a. AHMED, Ahmed; a.k.a. AL-MASRI, Ahmad; a.k.a. AL-SURIR, Abu Islam; a.k.a. ALI, Ahmed Mohammed; a.k.a. ALI, Hamed; a.k.a. HEMED, Ahmed; a.k.a. SHIEB, Ahmed; a.k.a. SHUAIB), Afghanistan (DOB 1965; POB Egypt; citizen Egypt) (individual) [SDGT]

ATWA, Ali (a.k.a. BOUSLIM, Ammar Mansour; a.k.a. SALIM, Hassan Rostom), Lebanon (DOB 1960; POB Lebanon; citizen Lebanon) (individual) [SDGT1]

ATWAH, Muhsin Musa Matwalli (a.k.a. ABDEL RAHMAN; a.k.a. ABDUL RAHMAN; a.k.a. AL-MUHAJIR, Abdul Rahman; a.k.a. AL-NAMER, Mohammed K.A.), Afghanistan (DOB 19 Jun 1964; POB Egypt; citizen Egypt) (individual) [SDGT]

BIN MARWAN, Bilal (DOB 1947) (individual) [SDGT]

BIN MUHAMMAD, Ayadi Chafiq (a.k.a. AIADI, Ben Muhammad; a.k.a. AIADY, Ben Muhammad; a.k.a. AYADI CHAFIK, Ben Muhammad; a.k.a. AYADI SHAFIQ, Ben Muhammad), Darvingasse 1/2/58-60, Vienna, Austria; 28 Chaussee de Lille, Mouscron, Belgium; 129 Park Road, NW8, London, England; Helene Meyer Ring 10-1415-80809, Munich, Germany; Tunisia (DOB 21 Jan 1963; POB Safais (Sfax), Tunisia) (individual) [SDGT]

DARKAZANLI, Mamoun, Uhlenhorsterweg 34 11, 22085, Hamburg, Germany (DOB 4 Aug 1958; POB Aleppo, Syria; Passport No: 1310636262 [Germany] (individual) [SDGT]

EL-HOORIE, Ali Saed Bin Ali (a.k.a. AL-HOURI, Ali Saed Bin Ali; a.k.a. EL-HOURI, Ali Saed Bin Ali) (DOB 10 Jul 1965, alt. DOB 11 Jul 1965; POB El Dibabiya, Saudi Arabia; citizen Saudi Arabia) (individual) [SDGT]

FADHIL, Mustafa Mohamed (a.k.a. AL MASRI, Abd Al Wakil; a.k.a. AL-NUBI, Abu; a.k.a. ALI, Hassan; a.k.a. ANIS, Abu; a.k.a. ELBISHY, Moustafa Ali; a.k.a. FADIL, Mustafa Muhamad; a.k.a. FAZUL, Mustafa; a.k.a. HUSSEIN; a.k.a. JIHAD, Abu; a.k.a. KHALID; a.k.a. MAN, Nu; a.k.a. MOHAMMED, Mustafa; a.k.a. YUSSRR, Abu) (DOB 23 Jun 1976; POB Cairo, Egypt; citizen Egypt, alt. citizen Kenya; Kenyan ID No. 12773667; Serial No. 201735161) (individual) [SDGT]

GHAILANI, Ahmed Khalfan (a.k.a. "AHMED THE TANZANIAN"; a.k.a. "FOOPIE"; a.k.a. "FUPI"; a.k.a. AHMAD, Abu Bakr; a.k.a. AHMED, A.; a.k.a. AHMED, Abubakar; a.k.a. AHMED, Abubakar K.; a.k.a. AHMED, Abubakar Khalfan; a.k.a. AHMED, Abubakary K.; a.k.a. AHMED, Ahmed Khalfan; a.k.a. AL TANZANI, Ahmad; a.k.a. ALI, Ahmed Khalfan; a.k.a. BAKR, Abu; a.k.a. GHAILANI, Abubakary Khalfan Ahmed; a.k.a. GHAILANI, Ahmed; a.k.a. GHILANI, Ahmad Khalafan; a.k.a. HUSSEIN, Mahafudh Abubakar Ahmed Abdallah; a.k.a. KHABAR, Abu; a.k.a. KHALFAN, Ahmed; a.k.a. MOHAMMED, Shariff Omar) (DOB 14 Mar 1974, alt. DOB 13 Apr 1974, alt. DOB 14 Apr 1974, alt. DOB 1 Aug 1970; POB Zanzibar, Tanzania; citizen Tanzania) (individual) [SDGT]

HIJAZI, Riad (a.k.a. AL-AMRIKI, Abu-Ahmad; a.k.a. AL-HAWEN, Abu-Ahmad; a.k.a. AL-MAGHRIBI, Rashid; a.k.a. AL-SHAHID, Abu-Ahmad; a.k.a. HIJAZI, Raed M), Jordan (DOB 1968; POB California, U.S.A.; SSN: 548-91-5411 [U.S.A.]) (individual) [SDGT]

IZZ-AL-DIN, Hasan (a.k.a. GARBAYA, AHMED; a.k.a. SA-ID; a.k.a. SALWWAN, Samir), Lebanon (DOB 1963; POB Lebanon; citizen Lebanon) (individual) [SDGT1]



LADEHYANOY, Mufti Rashid Ahmad (a.k.a. AHMAD, Mufti Rasheed; a.k.a. LUDHIANVI, Mufti Rashid Ahmad; a.k.a. WADEHYANOY, Mufti Rashid Ahmad), Karachi, Pakistan (individual) [SDGT]

MOHAMMED, Fazul Abdullah (a.k.a. ABDALLA, Fazul; a.k.a. ADBALLAH, Fazul; a.k.a. AISHA, Abu; a.k.a. AL SUDANI, Abu Seif; a.k.a. ALI, Fadel Abdallah Mohammed; a.k.a. FAZUL, Abdalla; a.k.a. FAZUL, Abdallah; a.k.a. FAZUL, Abdallah Mohammed; a.k.a. FAZUL, Haroon; a.k.a. FAZUL, Harun; a.k.a. HAROON; a.k.a. HAROUN, Fadhil; a.k.a. HARUN; a.k.a. LUQMAN, Abu; a.k.a. MOHAMMED, Fazul; a.k.a. MOHAMMED, Fazul Abdilahi; a.k.a. MOHAMMED, Fouad; a.k.a. MUHAMAD, Fadil Abdallah) (DOB 25 Aug 1972, alt. DOB 25 Dec 1974, alt. DOB 25 Feb 1974; POB Moroni, Comoros Islands; citizen Comoros, alt. citizen Kenya) (individual) [SDGT]

MOHAMMED, Khalid Shaikh (a.k.a. ALI, Salem; a.k.a. BIN KHALID, Fahd Bin Adballah; a.k.a. HENIN, Ashraf Refaat Nabith; a.k.a. WADOOD, Khalid Adbul) (DOB 14 Apr 1965, alt. DOB 1 Mar 1964; POB Kuwait; citizen Kuwait) (individual) [SDGT]

MSALAM, Fahid Mohammed Ally (a.k.a. AL-KINI, Usama; a.k.a. ALLY, Fahid Mohammed; a.k.a. MSALAM, Fahad Ally; a.k.a. MSALAM, Fahid Mohammed Ali; a.k.a. MSALAM, Mohammed Ally; a.k.a. MUSALAAM, Fahid Mohammed Ali; a.k.a. SALEM, Fahid Muhamad Ali) (DOB 19 Feb 1976; POB Mombasa, Kenya; citizen Kenya) (individual) [SDGT]

RABITA TRUST, Room 9A, 2nd Floor, Wahdat Road, Education Town, Lahore, Pakistan; Wares Colony, Lahore, Pakistan [SDGT]

SWEDAN, Sheikh Ahmed Salim (a.k.a. Ahmed the Tall; a.k.a. ALLY, Ahmed; a.k.a. BAHAMAD; a.k.a. BAHAMAD, Sheik; a.k.a. BAHAMADI, Sheikh; a.k.a. SUWEIDAN, Sheikh Ahmad Salem; a.k.a. SWEDAN, Sheikh; a.k.a. SWEDAN, Sheikh Ahmed Salem) (DOB 9 Apr 1969, alt. DOB 9 Apr 1960; POB Mombasa, Kenya; citizen Kenya) (individual) [SDGT]

UTHMAN, Omar Mahmoud (a.k.a. ABU ISMAIL; a.k.a. ABU UMAR, Abu Omar; a.k.a. AL-FILISTINI, Abu Qatada; a.k.a. TAKFIRI, Abu ‘Umr; a.k.a. UMAR, Abu Umar; a.k.a. UTHMAN, Al-Samman; a.k.a. UTHMAN, Umar), London, England (DOB 30 Dec 1960, alt. DOB 13 Dec 1960) (individual) [SDGT]

YASIN, Abdul Rahman (a.k.a. TAHA, Abdul Rahman S.; a.k.a. TAHER, Abdul Rahman S.; a.k.a. YASIN, Abdul Rahman Said; a.k.a. YASIN, Aboud) (DOB 10 Apr 1960; POB Bloomington, Indiana U.S.A.; SSN 156-92-9858 [U.S.A.]; Passport No. 27082171 [U.S.A. - issued 21 Jun 1992 in Amman, Jordan], alt. Passport No. M0887925 [Iraq]; citizen U.S.A.) (individual) [SDGT]

YULDASHEV, Tohir (a.k.a. YULDASHEV, Takhir), Uzbekistan (individual) [SDGT] ZIA, Mohammad (a.k.a. ZIA, Ahmad), c/o Ahmed Shah s/o Painda Mohammad al-Karim Set, Peshawar, Pakistan; c/o Alam General Store Shop 17, Awami Market, Peshawar, Pakistan; c/o Zahir Shah s/o Murad Khan Ander Sher, Peshawar, Pakistan (individual) [SDGT]

ZIA, Mohammad (a.k.a. ZIA, Ahmad), c/o Ahmed Shah s/o Painda Mohammad al-Karim Set, Peshawar, Pakistan; c/o Alam General Store Shop 17, Awami Market, Peshawar, Pakistan; c/o Zahir Shah s/o Murad Khan Ander Sher, Peshawar, Pakistan (individual) [SDGT]

MUGHNIYAH, Imad Fa'iz (a.k.a. MUGHNIYAH, Imad Fayiz), Senior Intelligence Officer of HIZBALLAH (DOB 07 Dec 1962, POB Tayr Dibba, Lebanon, Passport No. 432298 [Lebanon]) (individual) [SDT]

First published on 10/11/2001

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