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Barry Thompson

Barry Thompson is an international speaker, trainer, consultant, and writer. He is one of the original security “guru’s” for a Bankersonline and regularly presents security conferences for trade groups – he has trained over 51,000 financial professionals.
Barry is recognized worldwide, presenting in Brussels, Belgium to European bankers on internal fraud; at the United Nations on identity theft; and to Japanese bankers on bank security. Barry has worked in the financial services industry for over four decades, and has held the positions of security officer, compliance officer, treasurer, senior vice president, and executive vice president. He has handled over 900 security cases and has been involved with investigations and prosecutions at the federal, state, and local levels. Barry is the author of 101 Security Tips for the Beginning Security Officer and has been interviewed by Newsweek, Computer World, USA Today, and other national publications.

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Recorded on March 07, 2024

Security Demystified: Navigating the Top 25 Frequently Asked

Recorded on October 31, 2023

The 15 Worst Security Mistakes

The 15 Worst Security Mistakes

Financial institutions face numerous potential security pitfalls, and the repercussions of these errors demand swift resolution.

Recorded on May 11, 2023

Cash Recyclers, Pod Banking and ITM’s

Cash Recyclers, Pod Banking and ITM’s

Banking as we’ve known it is rapidly changing. Apps, pod banking, cash recyclers, interactive teller machines, and other new technologies are affecting how we do business and offering new challenges to security.

Recorded on March 30, 2023

Understanding Elder Fraud

Understanding Elder Fraud

As the baby boomer generation ages, “Elder Fraud'' is the fastest growing segment for crime in our country! Criminals know whom they want to target and have found ways to get close to their victims.

Recorded on March 24, 2022

15 Errors to Avoid When Conducting Internal Investigations


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