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John Burnett

John Burnett joined Glia Group, Inc., and BankersOnline in 2004, and currently serves as Executive Editor. He is a 1990 honors graduate of the Stonier Graduate School of Banking and is an alumnus of the ABA National Compliance School, where he served on the faculty for several years.

John began his banking career in high school when he started as a teller at a $15 million bank that didn't have account numbers for its checking accounts (he says they actually filed by signature!) He joined Cape Cod Bank and Trust Company in 1971 and assumed the position of Compliance Officer in 1976. He also served as corporate secretary and secretary of CCBT's Board of Directors, as well as Clerk of the bank's holding company.

He was a member and Chair of the Massachusetts Bankers Association Legal and Regulatory Compliance Committee, and a member of the American Bankers Association Compliance Executive Committee and NCS/NGCS Advisory Board. He is a regular presenter of BOL Learning Connect webinars and a presenter at BOL Conferences events. As a BOL Guru, John assists bankers handle common and uncommon compliance challenges on the site and its paid subscription service,

You can contact John via email at

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TuesdayJune 13, 2023

CTR Filing

CTR Filing

In October 2019, FinCEN made a clumsy announcement of changed filing instructions for CTRs, only to postpone the effective date three months later, in January. Another change issued in October was corrected in November 2019.

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Recorded on May 16, 2023

When Your Customer Dies

When Your Customer Dies

When your customer passes away, family members left behind often know they need to do something about deposit accounts and other banking relationships of the deceased, but don’t know what they can and cannot do with them or with checks payable to the

Recorded on March 14, 2023

Regulation CC: Funds Availability (Deposits and Holds)

Recorded on February 07, 2023

Regulation CC: Check Collection

Regulation CC: Check Collection

Regulation CC includes rules on check collection and the relationships between depository institutions that provide for collection, presentation, and return of checks.

Recorded on January 17, 2023

Annual OPERATIONS Compliance Recap

Annual OPERATIONS Compliance Recap

Have you caught up on all the Operations changes on your list from 2022? Did you put out all those “fires” that popped up, or are there still some hot spots?

Recorded on December 13, 2022

Update on Overdrafts and Account Fees


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