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Mary Beth Guard

Mary Beth Guard is one of the four co-founders of BankersOnline and is now Editor Emeritus, after more than 16 years of serving as Executive Editor. She was instrumental in the creation and expansion of BankersOnline, as well as the launch more than a decade ago of BOL Conferences, Inc. and its continued operation and growth. Mary Beth is also the director of, the premier subscription-based compliance service now being offered online. Also, Mary Beth serves as CEO of Glia Group, Inc., which produces BOL Learning Connect. For more than three decades, Mary Beth has utilized her background as an attorney to focus on banking industry issues, first as general counsel for the Oklahoma State Banking Department, then as general counsel for the Oklahoma Bankers Association, prior to her work with BankersOnline.

Mary Beth has presented training programs for virtually every major national financial industry association, as well as more than a dozen state bankers associations and a host of other organizations. She is a frequent presenter of webinars and seminars. In addition, Mary Beth has written more than a thousand banking-related articles and is BOL Guru #1.

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Recorded on July 18, 2019

Important Check Issues

Important Check Issues

Yes, fewer checks are being written these days, but all it takes is a single legal flub on a big one to result in a painful, expensive loss.

Recorded on June 18, 2019

Hemp, CBD, Marijuana and Your Bank -- 2019 Status Update

Hemp, CBD, Marijuana and Your Bank -- 2019 Status Update

Have you been tuning in to the twists and turns of the cannabis banking “soap opera”? Are you confused about whether, or under what conditions, your customers can grow hemp? Is CBD legal now under federal law? Can it be sold anywhere/everywhere?

Recorded on March 20, 2019

ID Theft Explosion: What you should be doing NOW

Recorded on February 27, 2019

Dissecting Account Liability Issues

Dissecting Account Liability Issues

During this webinar, Mary Beth will discuss UCC Articles 3, 4, 4A, common contractual provisions, what's different about business accounts, electronic check conversions, endorsement problems, forgeries and counterfeits (including counterfeit cas

Recorded on November 08, 2018

The Marijuana Banking Dilemma

The Marijuana Banking Dilemma

This program takes a deep, hard look at the risks and rewards, the practical challenges of truly avoiding banking MRBs, as well as the challenges of embracing them.


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