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Rayleen Pirnie

Rayleen M. Pirnie, AAP, CERP is the founder and owner of RP Payments Risk Consulting Services, LLC. based in Missouri. She is a nationally recognized payments risk and fraud expert who offers specialized consulting services, procedural and risk management reviews, and payments education. Rayleen’s specialized skill is delving into the world beyond the payment rules; areas where organizations often find themselves in positions of liability or loss with little to no clear guidance. She is an Accredited ACH Professional (AAP) and a Certified Enterprise Risk Profressional (CERP) who has worked with all payment systems for over 20 years, and a Certified Enterprise Risk Professional (CERP). Rayleen also holds a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration.

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Recorded on March 08, 2016

Cyber Attacks: What Ops is doing now

Cyber Attacks: What Ops is doing now

Change an online banking password and stop a cyber attack? Not necessarily. It may be closing the barn door after the horses are out. The operational response to a cyber incident must be swift, decisive, effective.

Recorded on January 20, 2016

Cyber Incident Response Plans for Community Banks

Recorded on October 17, 2013

Phone Fraud and Other Tricks that Fool Your Employees

Phone Fraud and Other Tricks that Fool Your Employees

When your customers are scammed and their identities stolen, both they and your institution are victims. There is the financial aspect, of course, but there's also a huge inconvenience for customer and institution alike.

Recorded on August 28, 2013

Understanding and Implementing the New ACH Security Framework Rule

Recorded on April 30, 2013

Online Banking Security: How Crooks Get Around It


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