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2019 Legal Alert: Bank ADA Lawsuits Mount

How many banks have been sued under the ADA in federal court in 2019?

Lawsuits accusing corporations of operating websites that are inaccessible to consumers with disabilities skyrocketed last year. The trend shows no sign of slowing down in 2019.

Banks are vulnerable to these lawsuits, according to legal and technology experts, because they operate websites and mobile applications that promote products and services as well as let consumers conduct transactions. Both functions expose them to potential violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act.
Just this year, at least 14 banks have been sued under the ADA in federal courts; defendants include Capital One Financial and Bank OZK in Little Rock, Ark.

At least 133 of the ADA lawsuits filed in 2018 named a bank or credit union as the defendant. Attorneys expect these types of lawsuits to persist, largely because many recent judicial rulings have set precedents in favor of plaintiffs, said Kristina Launey, an employment lawyer at Seyfarth Shaw who advises companies on ADA compliance.

“The lawsuits are going to be increasing exponentially,” she said.

The steps banks need to take to minimize the risk of being sued are no secret, but the dangers of not paying for an ADA technology-compliance audit continue to loom.
Websites and mobile apps must be accessible to consumers whose vision, hearing, and mobility are impaired! Helpful features include audio transcripts of written text, large font sizes and the ability to scroll through a page using a keyboard instead of a mouse.

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First published on 04/21/2019

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