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2020 Legal Alert: Cybersecurity

How many states have interested cybersecurity-related legislation in 2019?

At least 43 states and Puerto Rico introduced or considered close to 300 bills or resolutions that deal significantly with cybersecurity. Thirty-one states enacted cybersecurity-related legislation in 2019. Some of the key areas of legislative activity include:
 Requiring businesses to implement training or specific types of security policies and practices
 exempting cybersecurity operations information from public records laws
 addressing the security of connected devices
 regulating cybersecurity within the insurance industry

One example of a relevant 2019 bill is Illinois House Bill 2829, which is currently pending, and would create the Financial Institution Cybersecurity Act, & would require all financial persons and entities to maintain a cybersecurity program to protect the confidentiality of their information system.
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First published on 12/15/2019

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