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Active Shooter Training

I wanted to ask about active shooter training. I have not done that with my employees yet and was wondering if that is recommended training. My fear is the front line and new accounts employees are right out in the open, there is nowhere for them to go or to really hide for that matter. How would you suggest that training be handled? I have the YouTube video of "Run. Hide. Fight.®" I was thinking of showing that to our group on our upcoming training day; I just don't want to scare our employees to death.

Active Shooter training is not required, it just makes good sense. "Run. Hide. Fight.®" is one of the best training tools to use, especially when you have not had extensive active shooter training. We must remember to let staff know that they are more likely to be struck by lightning than to be involved in an active shooter situation.

Over my career, I have observed many times where management didn't train staff on security issues because they didn't want to scare them. Failure to teach something because people might become afraid has caused lawsuits against businesses everywhere when something goes wrong. Everyone needs to know simple things they can do in an active shooter situation.
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First published on 02/03/2019

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