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Banks are Sitting Ducks for TCPA Lawsuits

What four (4) primary changes in the TCPA were issued in a June 2015 FCC Order?

By way of additional protections to help reduce the number of people being harassed, the FCC made the following major changes to the TCPA in June 2015:

(1) telemarketers will be held accountable for automatically generated, randomly dialed numbers;
(2) liability will be increased for calls made to reassigned cellphone numbers;
(3) text messages will be defined as "calls" under the TCPA; and,
(4) consent will be required for internet-to-phone text messaging

Because of the vague definitions in the FCC's 2015 Omnibus Ruling, heaps of litigation have been filed in the past 4.5 years. Uncertainties abound and community banks are having difficulties complying with an unclear Ruling.
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First published on 03/08/2020

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