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Branch Use of TCRs

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Our branch just started using Teller Cash Recyclers (TCRs). Do they deter criminals? In a robbery situation, what dollar amount should we dispense when the Duress Dispense key is activated? Do you dispense a specific denomination or random bills? Also, how do you handle bait money?

Great questions! Yes, TCRs can provide significant security advantages for bank and credit union teller stations. Many of these advantages apply regardless of the TCR model and make. Cash recyclers store and protect banknotes in a UL-rated safe enclosure, restrict access to the cash, and provide duress alarm connections to enhance security. Equally important, TCRs enable customer-focused transactions and improve bank employee’s general awareness because they are no longer required to perform multiple manual cash counts to complete a single transaction.

Would-be robbers, according to the FBI, need to feel anonymous. Friendly greetings from alert, heads-up bank personnel make customers feel welcome and intimidate crooks. Troy Evans, who was sentenced to 13 years in the Federal Corrections Complex in Florence, Colorado, for multiple bank robberies, agrees. “If anything makes a robber uncomfortable, they’ll move to another location,” says Evans.

These are the same principles behind “Operation Safecatch,” a bank robbery suppression program championed by Larry Carr, Special Agent with the Seattle Office of the FBI. TCRs make it easier for staff to say hello and acknowledge people as they enter the branch office with the added benefit of minimizing robbery risk.

We suggest $1,000 - $2,000 in mixed currency denominations for your Duress Dispense setting. This bulky combination of bills will suggest a large sum of money, while simultaneously limiting the loss.

Many TCRs use high-resolution images of both the front and back of notes deposited into and dispensed from the recycler – eliminating the hassle and cost to record and track serial numbers physically. ARCA, HYOSUNG, and NCR market TCRs that can authenticate currency notes, which help banks and credit unions reduce losses by accepting fewer counterfeits. Also, by allowing the same currency accepted in cash deposits to be dispensed to other customers without any intervening recounting, storage, or transportation - TCRs further lower the risk of crime.

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First published on 09/12/2021

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