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Cash Drawer Sharing

Should vault cash be in dual custody? Also, what is your opinion on cash drawer sharing?

Answer: Hussam-Al-Abed
Cash drawer sharing is an open invitation for problems, we have an Arabic Proverb that says "Loose Money……Teaches Theft", if I am a teller and using my own cash drawer knowing I will be held accountable for all differences, I will guard it with my Life. On the other hand, I would not care so much knowing some one else is using it too. I might always claim that it was her/his (the other teller) fault that led to the shortage in that drawer!


Answer: Dana Turner
In an ideal world, the vault should be maintained in dual custody, an electronic access device should track, permit or deny entry -- and cameras mounted inside and outside the vault should record activity.

The sharing of cash drawers may effectively destroy an investigator's ability to determine the responsibility for a "mysterious cash disappearance". This would mean that EVERYONE working in that vault area at the time of the disappearance would be considered a suspect.


Answer: Barry Thompson
I once had a branch that on Saturday mornings was staffed with relief tellers. It was mandatory that every relief teller had her own cash drawer and no drawers were ever shared. Never ever compromise on this issue!

First published on 2/23/04

First published on 02/23/2004

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