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Changing from First Name to Full Name Badges

My bank wants to change our name badges from first name only badges to full name badges. I have some concerns that this may be a safety issue. Are there any rules on this or is it just a matter of bank policy?

Answer by Randy Carey: From a security standpoint this is a very bad idea. My first concern is the safety of the employees. Second, if an employee gets kidnapped or worse after this change in policy, think of the potential publicity and loss the bank might suffer if it is link to tracing the employee was based on the name tags.


Answer by Dana Turner: It's a very bad idea and ranks right up there with including photos of your employees and board members in your institution's annual report or other promotional literature. The industry standard is first name only on name badges. Full names may still be available on business cards, but at least this restricts those to whom the employee hands the card.


Answer by Hussam Al-Abed: In addition to what was mentioned above, full names are an open invitation to social engineering, pretext calling and dropping names technique.


Answer by Barry Thompson: I also have problems with the teller line having business cards with the teller's full name on them. If the financial institution feels the teller needs a business card, only the first name should be printed on it.

First published on 8/11/08

First published on 08/11/2008

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