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Coin to Customer's Car On Change Order Days: Risk?

It was recently brought to my attention some of our tellers have been assisting a commercial customer by carrying out bulk coin to the customer's car on change order days. Although I commend the tellers for going the extra mile, I view this as a security and liability risk. Is this gesture a common and acceptable practice?

by Randy Carey:

This is an extremely risky practice from many angles. Of course, employee security and safety is the foremost and highest concern. When the little old lady that just withdrew $500 is whacked when she gets in her car in the parking lot and whoever is suing you finds that you routinely escort commercial customers to their car - try explaining that to a jury in a wrongful death suit. Inform your commercial customers that this service is no longer available and they should bring along extra help, if it is needed.


by Ken Golliher:

If I'm your teller you can reasonably expect me to muscle a couple bags of quarters to my window. You cannot reasonably expect me to carry it to the parking lot in February. While this may have sprung from a sense of volunteerism in the football player who's working for you for the summer, the female employee who weighs 104 pounds may, quite reasonably, feel differently about it.

First published on 04/29/2018

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