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Community Rooms

We are building a new office with a modern design. Our CEO has decided we will have community rooms or conference areas to make the office the center of our small town. Do you have any advice on community rooms?

Community rooms are returning to many financial institutions looking to add value to the local venue. The problem with many of these ventures is management hasn’t thought out exactly how to handle them. We find banks with no policies or procedures in place or some that are not considering potential repercussions! One financial institution we know of was going to allow people to sign up for the rooms online with no restrictions. This opens the institution to unwanted groups suddenly appearing to use their facility. A public relations nightmare could result from the community believing the institution is supporting a repugnant organization. The institution may not be able to bar this group without a clear and precise policy. Community rooms improperly used could result in criminal ventures located in your building claiming to be aligned with your institution.
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First published on 11/18/2018

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