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Compliance Management: How often should I test APYs and APRs?

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How often should compliance be testing APY and APR accuracy? I rely on our expensive software to get it right. Is that OK?

This is a risk management decision. Software errors occur, but moreover, your institution is responsible for accuracy, not your software vendor. Plus, you don’t want to ever wrongfully disclose either one, so how often do you need to test to reasonably ensure that doesn’t happen? At a minimum, I recommend these triggers for running the FFIEC tool for checking the Annual Percentage Yield or Annual Percentage rate:
- Any change in rates (especially rate sheet updates)
- All advertisements
- TIS disclosure changes for any reason (especially if changing the compounding period)
- System updates
- New products (deposit or loan)
- When an error is discovered, as part of a broader root-cause analysis
- Periodically as part of your regular compliance monitoring risk-based schedule

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First published on 05/05/2024

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