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A Confusing CTR Question

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A customer bring in $11,000 in cash and $19,000 in checks to the FI. He deposits $18,500 to his savings acct, $11,450 to payoff his auto loan, and receives $50 cash back. How do you complete the CTR under part II - types of transactions?
  • $11,000 cash crossed the counter into the bank's control, so 11,000 goes in item 26 (cash in).
  • Only $50 cash crossed the counter into the customer's control, so we ignore it entirely (and don't even think about reducing the cash in amount to $10,950).
  • Check item 34 (Deposit/Withdrawal) to reflect the fact the savings account was credited.
  • Check item 35 (account numbers affected), and list both the savings account and the loan account numbers.
  • Check item 36 (Other) and write in "Loan Payment" on the lines below.

Another way you could consider treating this group of transactions is to list the $11,000 cash in in item 26, and then either check box 34 and 35 (listing the savings account number), or check box 35 (listing the loan number) and box 36 (adding "Loan Payment" beneath). That's because the cash in amount is less than either the savings deposit or the loan payment.

But I prefer the first method, which is more descriptive of the whole interaction.

First published on 8/05/02

First published on 08/05/2002

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