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Dealing With Internet Banking Complaints

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We get lots of complaints about our bank's Web site and Internet banking service. Is this typical? What are other institutions experiencing? How do you respond, or do you?We are having an internal debate about whether to just fix the "problems" users are carping about, or whether to do some true usability testing. If we do usability testing, should we do it with a focus group of actual customers, or is it best to hire experts?

First, you'll never please all the people, all the time. It isn't possible. There are so many varied skill levels for using the Internet if it was completely simple, someone would complain about that.That said, if you are getting numerous complaints about the same thing, perhaps there is a problem.

The resolution method depends on what the purpose of your site is and the costs to change it. You could go from a minimal cost of a few hundred dollars to revise the navigation, to many tens of thousands of dollars to create a new architecture for your site, to test it and to revise it.

Low cost solution: Have your Webmaster read up on usability issues and test revisions resulting from that against complaints with your employees and family.

High cost: Revise the site and use external focus groups. Then revise it again.

The degree of work and money you put into this should depend on what you do with your site and how integral it is now to your operations.

The same would apply to your Internet Banking site. If this is outsourced, however, you may have little control over its look and feel.

First published on 8/6/01

First published on 08/06/2001

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