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Dealing with Senior Management About Business Continuity Planning

How do you get Senior Management to buy into the serious need for business continuity planning, including the need to spend money for adequate back-up materials, filters, etc.? We recently were hit with a computer virus and were without internet for 4 days. We should have a back up method for that!

When you have the answer to "How do you get Senior Management to buy into (you fill in the blank)…" let me know and we will have a much more peaceful world, at least in compliance. Kidding aside, start with printing the full Interagency Advisory and present it at the next meeting. Asking for your regulator's help is also a great way to put on the pressure. If all else fails, do whatever you can within your budget (do I hear laughter out there?) and document your efforts.

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First published on 12/12/08

First published on 12/12/2008

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