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Debit Card - Cash App Claim

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A customer filed a number of POS transactions originating from Cash App and during our investigation we found out that the charges were linked to a relative of the customer (whom she's previously had issues with). Our customer claims they never authorized this person to use/access the debit card. The documentation stated a physical item was sent to the address that matches that of our customer, but the name linked to the transactions does not match our customer's name. Can we deny this claim since information links back to her address but not her name?

The fact that merchandise was shipped to the same address where your customer lives does not eliminate the possibility that someone else living in the house used the card without the consumer's consent. Your ability to deny a claim is based on one factor. Did your customer authorize the transaction? If yes, then you can deny the claim. If no, then you owe the customer the money.

First published on 09/03/2023

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