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Duplicate ATM Withdrawals

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Recently my bank began to duplicate ATM withdrawals for some customers. For one customer alone it could amount to several thousand dollars. This went on for months before the customer and the bank discovered the problem. At that time the customer sent an email to our helpline asking for assistance and claiming that she had not made the duplicate withdrawals herself. I’m inclined to let her go through the process of trying to prove that she did not make these withdrawals herself. She was in Mexico and I believe it will be very hard to get a Mexican bank to help her. Unfortunately our customer assistance sent her a reply stating that the bank had a known issue creating duplicates for ATM withdrawals. Otherwise how can she prove it? Are we in any danger if she does take legal action? Since she is in Mexico I had the customer service write her back and tell her she needs to go to her local bank and take care of it herself. That has been our standard reply since for similar claims. If she takes legal action what are the odds that we would lose and have to pay her back all that money? Can we simply delete the email we sent to her saying we had a known issue with duplicates on ATM withdrawals? Then she’d have no proof whatsoever. Please advise.

If she is not your customer then her recourse is through her own bank. If she is your customer then you are required to follow the Regulation E error resolution process. Your story is not very clear. As far as deleting e-mails - you might ask some of our past government officials how that works out when the recipient retains a copy.

First published on 05/09/2021

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