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EIN Prefixes: Is there a state-specific list?

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Are there state specific 2 digit pre-fixes for EIN numbers allocated to businesses? And if so what are they or how could I obtain them?

You made me go looking! I included this table in an article back in 1995. You'll find it at the reference below. Or, as a shortcut, here is the prefix table:

EIN Prefix Code & District Office Table
01 Augusta, Maine
02 Portsmouth, New Hampshire
03 Burlington, Vermont
04 Boston, Massachusetts
05 Providence, Rhode Island
06 Hartford, Connecticut
11 Brooklyn, New York
13 Manhattan, New York
14 Albany, New York
15 Syracuse, New York
16 Buffalo, New York
21 Camden, New Jersey
22 Newark, New Jersey
23 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
24 Scranton, Pennsylvania
25 Pittsburgh,Pennsylvania
31 Cincinnati, Ohio
33 Laguna Niguel, California
34 Cleveland, Ohio
35 Indianapolis, Indiana
36 Chicago, Illinois
37 Springfield, Illinois
38 Detroit, Michigan
39 Milwaukee, Wisconsin
41 St. Paul, Minnesota
42 Des Moines, Iowa
43 St. Louis, Missouri
44 Kansas City, Missouri
45Fargo, North Dakota
46 Aberdeen, South Dakota
47 Omaha, Nebraska
48 Wichita, Kansas
51 Wilmington, Delaware
52 Baltimore, Maryland
53 District of Columbia
54 Richmond, Virginia
55 Parkersburg, West Virginia
56 Greensboro, North Carolina
57 Columbia, South Carolina
58 Atlanta, Georgia
59 Jacksonville, Florida
61 Louisville, Kentucky
62 Nashville, Tennessee
63 Birmingham, Alabama
64 Jackson, Mississippi
65 Fort Lauderdale, Florida
66 Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Guam, American Samoa, Palmyra, Palau, Midway Islands, Wake Island, Jarvis Island, Johnston Island, Kingman Reef, Northern MarianaIslands, Tutuila Island, Baker Island, Howland Island, Federated States of Micronesia, Canton (Phoenix) Islands
67 Virgin Islands
68 Sacramento, California
71 Little Rock, Arkansas
72 New Orleans, Louisiana
73 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
74 Austin, Texas
75 Dallas, Texas
76 Houston, Texas
77 San Jose, California
81 Helena, Montana
82 Boise, Idaho
83 Cheyenne, Wyoming
84 Denver, Colorado
85 Albuquerque, New Mexico
86 Phoenix, Arizona
87 Salt Lake City, Utah
88 Reno, Nevada
91 Seattle, Washington
92 Anchorage, Alaska
93 Portland, Oregon
94 San Francisco, California
95 Los Angeles, California
96 Guam
97 American Samoa
98 AC (International)
99 Honolulu, Hawaii

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