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Elders—Where the money is

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What makes the elderly person a favored target?

One simple statistic makes a senior citizen a target! Individuals over the age of 50 control 70% of the nation’s wealth. When a criminal targets a senior citizen, they know the amount of wealth can be surprising. The two most used ways to contact a senior citizen is by telephone or in person. You can help your senior citizen by having an answering machine for them. You can listen to the recordings to see if anyone is bothering them. Place them on the do not call list. While it won’t stop all calls it will reduce telephone calls. Provide them with a call blocker, a device or service with known fraud numbers that will block fraudulent telephone calls.

Criminals will stop at homes where they know senior citizens live. How do they know that an elderly person lives there? These homes usually have no toys or other evidence of a young family in the yard.

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First published on 03/12/2023

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