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FIll Out CTR for Each Business Location?

I have a business customer where the aggregated cash in on all deposits is over $10,000. The business has locations in 4 different cities and all the locations had deposits on this day. Do I have to do a part 1 on the CTR for each business location?

Answer by John Burnett: Not if there is only one entity involved. For example, assume you are dealing with four different Burger King restaurants, all owned by the same corporation/franchisee, Burger King of Springfield, Inc. Each of the restaurants uses a different office of your bank, and on a given day, the four cash deposit amounts are aggregated to a total of $12,500. You file one CTR and only one Part I, using one of the business locations or, as is my preference, the street address for Burger King of Springfield, Inc. Where you will have multiple "pages" is in your identification of the locations where the deposits were accepted. You will have a separate Part III entry for each of the bank branches. Don't forget to look up the individual branch RSSD numbers for item 39.


Answer by Ken Golliher: From conversations with the Helpline, my understanding is that the customer address you use is that of one of the locations that produced the currency, not the address of the home office. I know of no place where you will find that in writing.

First published on 7/15/13

First published on 07/15/2013

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